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5% CBD Oil 10ml

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5% CBD Oil (500mg) 10ml

100% CO2 EXTRACTED ORGANIC CBD OIL: Our CBD oil is 100% pure CO2 extracted organic hemp for the best experience. Rest assured of improved vitality and top-notch value for your money. 

PROMOTES HEALTHY BODY AND MIND: Our CBD oil has a beautiful range of mood-balancing vitamins and fatty acids that help relieve stress, pains, muscular and joint aches for a healthier physical and mental wellbeing.

VEGAN-FRIENDLY + FAST ABSORPTION: Our vegan-friendly oil is suitable for vegans, paleo and gluten free, and extracted in a careful process that preserves all the antioxidant content for peak bioavailability and fast absorption by your body.

SAFE AND HYPOALLERGENIC: Our oil is safe, allergy-free and compliant with UK/EU Quality Control and Assurance regulations. Devoid of artificial flavoring, chemical additives, and other harmful substances, this is your go-to product for DIY stress buster therapy!

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We strive to make our products 100% natural, pure and devoid of any additives or harmful chemicals which may cause adverse reactions to users. If you are not satisfied with the quality, email us within seven days for a full refund.


Have you ever imagined an oil that can promote total rest for your mind and body? A product that can help you cope with everyday struggles without costing a fortune?

Your dreams have come true with

Herbivore Industries’ Hemp Oil made from pure 100% Organic, industrial Grade hemp plants in compliance with UK/EU Quality Control and Assurance regulations to ensure you get the best supply.

It is produced by supercritical CO2 extraction, in a process that retains all the nutrients contained in the plant and creates a pure, clean, quality oil that is safe to produce with little-to- no post-processing, unlike toxic solvents that may require many hours to purge the solvent trapped in the oil.

The CO2 extraction rids of impurities to give it a unique, light gold luminosity. It is thereafter mixed with organic cold pressed olive oil in a regulated procedure that enhances quick absorption.

Our full spectrum liquid is Non-GMO compliant and produced to the strictest GMP standards through extensive research and development efforts.It is complete with a large volume of terpenoids, vital minerals, vitamin E, and amino acids which boost immunity and health.

Rich in Omega H3 and 6, it can lead to absolute mental peace as it has calm, relaxing, benefits that will revitalize your cells. It relieves insomnia and anxiety to aid you to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed in the mornings.

Our extract is lab tested, and free of THC with no feeling of “high” or impairment of senses, thus making it legal and safe for use. It has anti-inflammatory attributes and can work excellently for post-surgery recovery and stress relief.

Ideal gift idea for your loved looking to relieve pain, stress and anxiety. This versatile item is also applicable as a skin-nourishing and hair care treatment when used in combination with essential oils and shampoo products, and as massage gel thanks to it fast absorbing properties.

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