We are only going to sell CBD!?

We have decided to make a change, we are going to have a complete overhaul of our store, removing everything apart from CBD products (which also includes adding lots more cool products that are can’t wait for you guys to try). The change is going to be rolled out over October, so expect to see some changes in the store.

Why have we decided to change direction, and only sell CBD products?

The CBD market is relatively new, and with any new marketplace comes interesting ventures from a handful of companies. I think it is going to be a confusing market for people to navigate, because of the stigma attached to the plant. I want to try and remove the stigmatisation of cannabis, especially in the context of CBD.

We want to bring clarity to our customers, because customers have a lot of questions, and there is not much trust in most of the companies selling CBD. Vendors are sketchy in their labelling and aren’t being open with their lab reports. We want to make sure we are giving people the product they are paying for, great customer service and be as transparent as possible with our manufacture process.

Lastly, I think the cannabis plant has a lot of potential for all manner of ailments and recreational uses. I think people should be allowed to investigate what works well for their bodies and minds, if they carry out the correct research and follow sound advice when necessary. We can research the potential of a supplement or drug more thoroughly now than in any point of history, and the legal system hasn’t caught up with that; I don’t believe it should be in the power of government to dictate what we should consume. In terms of CBD, I think it is a great time to start exploring this fantastic plant extract and see how it works for them.

I hope you will like our new an improved website, and if you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions then drop me an email.

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