VIDEO: "I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain"

Credit : BuzzFeedBlue Youtube

This video popped up in my "Stuff you should watch" feed on YouTube. Typically if a video has been produced by BuzzFeed then I'm going to watch it, I love their first person accounts of trying new things.

Obviously, when it comes to testing the use of cannabis products I'm very interested in seeing the results, as it further reduces the stigmatization of the plant in the media.

The video is a first person account of on the possible effects of pain relief from cannabis products (mainly CBD vapes, flowers and oils), for Trigenimal Neuralgia (TN), a severe chronic pain condition that effects the nervous system of the face; the pain is considered to be in comparison with being bitten by bullet ants on the face!

Kelsey (a BuzzFeed producer) is a former weed smoker, but hasn't smoked for ten years; she goes into the experiment with an open mind, and I think to results are fantastic! So go and check it out!