First Time CBD Oil Buyers Guide 101...

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So you are looking at buying your first bottle of CBD oil, you have googled CBD and you are swamped by jargon you don’t understand and companies selling all kinds of percentages, mg’s and names. Maybe you are even a veteran user, but are still unsure if you are buying legitimate products.

People all over the world are becoming interesting by the wellbeing benefits of using hemp sourced CBD, but are often put off by the lack of information on the products and the extensive research they have to do before buying. There are thousands of products, vendors, variables in the product, plant strains, etc etc; and it is tough to add those products to your cart and click buy.

Of course when you spend, in our case £20+ on a CBD product, you want to know you are getting an authentic full plant CBD hemp oil, and not a hemp seed oil, or poorly extracted, low quality product.

I’ve written out some quick steps to take you through the buying process and give you some more confidence in picking a reputable product, that you will continue to buy and supplement your lifestyle with day after day, month after month.

CBD is from the Cannabis plant

That’s right, you are buying cannabis, that plant you were brought up being told was bad for you, could ruin your life, mellow you out, and you could get arrested for having it in your possession.

I won’t go into excessive details about the different types of cannabis plants, because that is a book in itself, but in terms of THC and CBD content of plants I will explain it in the simplest terms. Cannabis has two types of plant, Hemp and Marijuana.

CBD is often extracted from the hemp plant, which also contains very low trace amounts of THC. This plant has always been used for is strong fibres but is now bred to contain high levels of CBD which are extracted to turn into oils and vapes etc. I would also like to add that there is an entourage effect between the different cannabinoids in plants, so having a full spectrum extract is good.

Marijuana plants are high in THC content, and are often grown for weed, medical marijuana and recreational use. Currently in the UK in most circumstances it is illegal to grow, cultivate and use marijuana so CBD is rarely extracted from this plant, but it can contain low amounts of CBD.

It is important that we increase the education on the cannabis plant, it is (in my opinion) a safe plant to use for all purposes; and even if you are anti-marijuana, we need to remove the stigma from hemp as it can be used for so many things outside of CBD extraction.

CBD and Hemp Oil are OFTEN the same thing!

Cannabidiol is the cannabinoid abbreviated as CBD, the most prevalent cannabinoid in the hemp plants grown for CBD oil. When you are buying CBD oil, you may find in the product description that the labelling is “Hemp Oil”, often with a percentage and milligram associated with it, for instance 5% 500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is (under most circumstances) CBD oil.

Why do companies do this?

Most often it is because labelling products as CBD breaks terms of service to sell on a platform, so companies label as full spectrum hemp oil. Sellers are limited in how the package their products, which makes it difficult for the consumer to understand what they are buying.

How do you know you are getting the right stuff?

If you are buying hemp SEED oil, it contains 0% CBD – The CBD is only present in the flowers (buds), and partially in the stalks and leaves. Look out for Full Spectrum Help Oil extracts, often referring to a terpene profile.

Herbivore Industries Tincture CBD

Miligrams and Percentages explained.

5% 500mg, 10% 3000mg, doesn’t make sense right?

The percentage refers to the mg/ml ratio in 10ml.

Product A = 5% 500mg in 10ML (500mg per 10ML)

Product B = 10% 3000mg in 30ML (1000mg per 10ML) 

So how do you measure how many mg of CBD you are taking?

Product A has 200 drops in a bottle = 2.5mg CBD per drop

Product B has 600 drops in a bottle = 5mg CBD per drop

Verifying your product

Check the companies website to see if they have individually verified lab reports showing the CBD and cannabinoid profile of their individual products. Ensuring they have their products tested by neutral third party labs means you can trust they are being open and honest about the products they produce and supply. When manufacturers don’t provide authentic lab reports on their website, or won’t give them to you when you ask – Go and buy from a reputable company, they might be slightly more expensive but you will have piece of mind when you take your CBD.

Reputation of the Company.

Herbivore Industries is one of the top sellers of CBD products in the UK. Why? Because we try and be as open and honest about our production process, as well as educating the world about CBD, and cannabis. We price our products fairly, so customers get affordability and so we can continue to bring new products and provide more education. We have amazing customer service, and aim to help new users through the buying process as quickly as possible – so if you have any questions, however insignificant you think they might be then just send us a message and we aim to get back to you in a few hours.